Who is Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown is a young, up and coming author whose books are written to inspire, support and speak to his fan base. His books draw from his own personal experiences.   

    As a young man growing up in Norfolk Virginia, Kevin at times felt lost and often hung around with the wrong crowd.  That eventually led him to a few stints with the law as well as a couple of short incarcerations.  As he grew older, he matured and realized the path he was going down wasn’t how he wanted to live his life.

     Kevin took odd jobs; he attended trade school and took classes at a Community College.  None of this was fulfilling his passion to serve the communities throughout our nation.  He came to realize that his purpose in life was to both entertain and help others with his stories.  

From that point on, Kevin has dedicated his life to creating art with his words.   

    Kevin has endured far more pitfalls and obstacles then he ever imagined.  Kevin used those experiences to author 4 fictional books, each one focusing on his priceless life lessons that resonates with the readers.